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I’ve realised that piano means everything to me. I’m not going to run away anymore.
… In the past, I was a regular competitor at international competitions. I won awards everywhere I went, and people called me a prodigy; I was so full of myself. Until junior high, in the autumn of my second year…
I entered a competition, and there was this one guy who showed up out of nowhere… As soon as I heard his performance, I knew instantly that I had no chance.
Right at that moment, I was terrified. Piano was my life. What would I do if I lost?
So I ran away. I convinced myself that if there was no result, it meant that I didn’t lose. The song I play all the time, that’s the song I was supposed to perform at that competition.
I’m such an idiot. I kept playing it until I got sick of it, until I just wanted to throw my piano away.
But, I’ve changed my mind. Because of you.
I’ve decided that I’m ready. I’m going to make a serious effort from now on. And my very first performance, I want to play for you.
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